The /user endpoints all retrieves data about the current user, or any user if caller has administrative privileges.

Table of Contents #

GET /user #

Get information about the current user. To view other users within the system, a higher level of access is needed.


GET /user
GET /user?user=SBuser


user : The username of the user to lookup.


Example: The API request user will produce

   TimeZoneId: 51,
   CultureId: 1,
   UserName: "SBUser",
   FirstName: "SB",
   LastName: "User",
   Email: "SBUser@test.com",
   Phone: "",
   Company: "TestCompany",
   LockedOut: false,
   CultureDescription: "en-US",
   UtcOffSetHours: 1,
   LastPasswordChangedDate: "2013-07-01T13:58:33",
   CreationDate: "2011-09-08T07:24:29",
   Roles: [
   ItemSets: [
      "Press Releases",
      "Fact Sheets",
   LastUpdated: "0001-01-01T00:00:00"

GET /user/access #

Use this api request to resolve what resources the current user has access to.


GET /user/access?resources=api,ads


resources : A comma separated list of the resources which will be checked.


Example: The API request user/access?resources=api,ads&type=json will produce output similar to

   Resources: {
      api: true,
      ads: false
   LastUpdated: "0001-01-01T00:00:00"

GET /user/property #

Look up a property connected to the current user.


GET /user/property


propertyDescription : The property that you want to retrieve


Example: The API request user/property?propertyDescription=LastUsedMyPageTab will ask for the last visited mypagetab and produce a project response.

    UserName: "ApiTester",
    OwnerDisplayName: "Testing",
    CreationDate: "2014-07-16T13:44:29",
    MaxItems: 2147483647,
    Version: 17,
    Items: { },
    IsPublic: false,
    SharedCollaborative: false,
    SharedReadonly: false,
    SharedGroup: false,
    HasAccessThroughGroup: false,
    OriginalDescription: "Testing MyPageTab",
    Disabled: false,
    Id: "15_1337",
    Description: "Testing MyPageTab",
    Type: "MyPageTab",
    LastUpdated: "2014-07-18T07:52:14Z"

GET /user/property/update #

Update a given property for the current user.

A property is a key-value "setting" internal to the Silobreaker UI, so it is of no relevance to external developers.

If there isn't a value connected to the existing property it will preform a save instead of a update.


GET /user/property/update


propertyDescription : The property that you want to update

value : The value to update it with.


Example: The API request user/property/update?type=json&propertyDescription=LastUsedMyPageTab&value=15_3085 will produce.

    Status: "Property updated",
    Success: true

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