These API requests retrieves data about a collection of MyPage tabs. To read more about api requests for a specific MyPage tab, see /mypagetab endpoint.

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GET /mypagetabs #

Gets all mypagetabs the current user has access to.

It shows MyPage tabs that the user owns and those she has access to via sharing. Each WidgetProjectData entry will have information about who owns the project and what access the current user has.

Each WidgetProjectData has a information if and how it has been shared.

The sharingstate can be in one of these 3 states OwnedByUser, SharedAsCollaborative, SharedAsReadOnly.

If the sharingstate is OwnedByUser the property Shared will indicate if the WidgetProjectData has been shared to other users. In the case when the WidgetProjectData has been shared to you the sharingstate will inform you on how it was shared. Collaborative sharing means that you have write access and other users may also use the same WidgetProjectData. ReadOnly means that other users may change the WidgetProjectData and you are only allowed to view it.


GET /mypagetabs


Example: This api request mypagetabs?type=json will produce

   WidgetProjects: [
         Id: "886c9f43-3e86-4a74-b3dc-aca8577df001",
         ProjectItemId: 2340,
         Description: "Dynamo",
         WidgetProjectType: "MyPageTab",
         OwnerUserName: "rutger",
         OwnerDisplayName: "Rutger ",
         Filter: "Land:Ukraina AND Land:Russia",
         ReadOnly: true,
         Shared: true,
         SharingState: "SharedAsReadOnly",
         LastUpdatedUtc: "2014-08-15T14:42:19Z",
         CreatedDateUtc: "2013-03-11T14:15:46Z",
         ReportOrderIds: [ ],
         NumberOfWidgets: 3
   LastUpdated: "0001-01-01T00:00:00"

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